Monday, October 17, 2011

Site Announcement!

Ok I have to jump ahead in my blogs because site announcement is too exciting to wait to post.  On Saturday we had what we call   site announcement ceremony.  We all gathered at the Kukurantumi office around a map of Ghana that the trainers drew on the ground with chalk.  Then they called out each of the six regions that volunteers are going to and announced each person one by one.  I am going to be in the Upper East region in a village called Kongo!  I am very close to the regional capital, Bolgatonga, and also to the Burkina Faso border.  We are assigned our service sites so early in training because there are so many dialects we could potentially learn that they need to start language training as soon as possible.  Thee trainers have been observing us since we arrived in Ghana, and we had site interviews last week to further determine where each one of us will go.  My site dialect is Nab't, but I will be learning Gurune with the five other volunteers that I am being sent to the Upper East region with.  I guess that Gurune is widely understood in that area, and my community will be able to understand me. 
Joining me in the Upper East are: Barbara from Austin, TX, Dennis from Bend, OR (originally MN), Dawn from Portland, OR, Ran from Chicago and Rob from SF (originally Indiana).  Currently there are seven Peace Corps volunteers in this region, and according to the map we were given, I seem relatively close to three of them, and I should be fairly close to Rob and Dawn as well.  I have heard that the volunteers up here are pretty tight knit, since they are so far away from everyone and everything.  From the start of the program, I had a gut feeling that I would be in the north somewhere, so my prediction was right!  Now I will get to adjust to the dry heat...and to prepare, Cara shaved my head today!  I already could not stand even having the little hair that I did.  A shaved head is so liberating and COOL. 

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