Friday, January 27, 2012

The Miles Traveled in Training

This is a rough approximation of the miles we traveled during training:

Accra to Kukurantumi, to homestays (PC bus)- 100 km, 3 hours
Anyinasin to Kumasi, to Counterpart Workshop (PC bus)- 150 km, 4 hours
Kumasi to Bolga, to site visit (Metro Mass)- 560 km, 9 hours (+ several hours waiting time)
Bolga to Tamale, to PEPFAR activities (Metro Mass)- 160 km, 3 hours (+ several hours waiting time)
Tamale to Techiman, to off-site technical training (tro)- 260 km, 4 hours
Techiman to Tumu, to shea IST (PC bus)- 450 km, 10 hours
Tumu to Bolga, to off-site tech training (PC bus)- 150 km, 3 hours
Bolga to Kumasi, to KSO (PC bus)- 560 km, 10 hours
Kumasi to Anyinasin, return to homestay (PC bus)- 150 km, 3 hours
Anyinasin to Bolga, arrive at site for good (Metro Mass, tros)- 710 km, a couple of days

Totals: 3250 km, countless hours...

This does not include other miscellaneous, day-to-day travel between training sites and sleeping locations:
Day travel around Accra; field trip to Boti Falls; back and forth between Kuku, Anyinasin, Masse and New Tafo and training locations in the area; Bolga to Kongo several times at site visit and off-site training; Tamale to Gushie (PEPFAR site); travel around Techiman; Tumu to shea IST site. 
Its exhausting just thinking back on it all.

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