Friday, March 9, 2012

Kongo market days

Little by little I am getting more comfortable walking through my market.  At first, I was really nervous about being the only solumia walking through market, but now I've made a lot of friends so it is nice to go through and say hi.  And each time I walk through my market, or anywhere in town for that matter, the novelty of seeing a solumia wears off. 
So first, I walk to my tomato lady, who is super sweet and loves that I by from her.  She always gives me a few tomatoes extra, which is always nice of her.  Usually I'll buy some red onions from her as well.  Then next to her, I buy my green onions and garlic from these two little girls.  Then I head back around to where the greens are sold.  There is one young lady who I buy alefe and bito from, which are two greens that Ghanaians use in stew that goes with tzet.  But of course that's not what I'm making; I usually put it in soups or saute them up.  Sometimes I buy pepe or beans also.  After I buy all my goodies, I walk out of the market and cross the street to get red red and yam chips from my yam lady.  She makes the best fresh pepe sauce on market days, super spicy, but so delicious. 
My market is fairly small in comparison to other markets in the area, like the one in Pelungu, but I like that it is small.  I can still find the few things I need between market days, I don't get yelled at much, and the women I buy from are really sweet. 
Before and after I walk through the market, I stop by Cletus' house to say hi to Alice.  Sometimes Esther is there, and we will take some pito to go along with the yam chips and red red.  Other days we take tzet that Alice has prepared or get banku from the market.  As we chat, Bertrand (Esther's son) and Bernadine (Alice's daughter) play by us.  Since I have always spent a lot of time with the men in the community, I really enjoy the times when I get to talk with Alice and Esther and the other women who live in the same compound. 

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